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"Emily and Menna are a brilliant teaching team."

Simon Clarke


“Emily and Menna are the most amazing teachers. I’ve taken classes with them for two years, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved how they brought examples from published work to learn and discuss, and I enjoyed the writing prompts even more - it’s amazing how much work and ideas you can get out of your head with the right exercise. Not only did I get inspiring insights into the craft and writing life with Emily and Menna, but I also finished several pieces of work! I’m already signed up for more classes with them - can’t wait to keep the creativity flowing!”

Nicole Janz


“I have spent a total of 4 months being tutored by Emily & Menna. Our time together has always been fun and engaging and I have grown as a writer under their tutelage. I believe that an open and inclusive teaching style is the most important consideration for anyone looking to become a better writer because it builds confidence and encourages freedom of expression. Emily & Menna are a great choice for anyone looking to develop alongside enthusiastic writers willing to pass on their wealth of experience in a nurturing environment.”

Dan Thompson


“An engaging, thoughtful, feisty approach to teaching creative writing that I’m truly grateful to have experienced. Emily and Menna’s teaching styles complement one another and they have important features in common: they facilitate in-depth and fascinating conversation with your class, they inspire you to appreciate your strengths, improve on your weaknesses, and experiment with your ideas, and, above all, they encourage you to believe in yourself and your writing. Feedback has been the perfect balance of constructive and kind, and I know how much my writing and my motivation have benefited from their expert guidance and unceasing support. Since working with Menna and Emily in Cambridge, I have had one piece of writing longlisted in competition, had another accepted for publication, and have made headway on a major work in progress! I was rewarded above and beyond expectation and was only sorry when the course ended. I highly recommend any teaching with their stamp on it.”

Sara Litchfield


“Working with Emily and Menna was an incredible experience. Not only did my writing improve but I also found a new love and appreciation for both crime and fantasy writing. They opened my eyes to new worlds, and I liked it. Their classes are a must for anyone looking to unleash their creative passion. I wouldn’t hesitate to take more classes with Emily or Menna.”

Laura Millar


“I have had the great opportunity to be taught by Menna and Emily at the University of Cambridge. I can't begin to explain how my writing has changed after working with them. I don't have enough words to describe my amazing experience. They are both very passionate, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented in their feedback, which I deeply appreciated when developing my craft. They are both focused on bringing out the full potential in their students. The most important lesson that has remained with me was that stories take time to develop and that I should never compare a work in progress to published work. Thank you both for guiding me on my journey.” Shirley Mac Okoa

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