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Cambridge city centre by Emily Winslow
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Writing a novel can be like navigating an unknown landscape without a map. You're all alone and, after a while, supplies and morale are low. You know the destination you want to reach; you're consulting your compass and making progress, but it's proving harder than you thought. Landmarks are missing and instructions are vague - what you need now is a wise, kindly guide to show you the way.


Together we've helped hundreds of aspiring writers along the road to publication. Perhaps you're just at the beginning, with a good idea but no idea of how to spin it into a book. Perhaps you're in the middle but have stalled. Perhaps you're close to the end, looking for that next level of polish. Wherever you are in your journey to publication, we have the perfect tools to help you taking your writing to the next level!


We provide insightful, motivational, and interactive small-group dayschools to support you in honing your writing skills and to jump-start your next fiction or non-fiction project. Our classes are led by internationally published authors and University of Cambridge tutors in creative writing Menna van Praag and Emily Winslow. All are held in-person at Jesus College in Cambridge’s historic city centre. 

See what we have coming up on our Classes & Events page,  or learn in the comfort of your own home with Emily's brilliant book: Time to Write

“Emily and Menna are a brilliant teaching team.” Simon Clarke

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Cambridge from Varsity Hotel by Emily Winslow
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